About me

Hello, my name is Gees Voorhees, and I'm an illustrator currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

After recieving my bachelor's degree in illustration in 2004, I've mostly been busy screen printing, teaching and DJ'ing. In 2008 I started focusing more on applied art and drawing, which became my core business not long after. After trying a lot of different techniques I started blending my drawings with photography and my colouring with photoshop, resulting in detailed illustrations with a retro vibe. Inspirations come from (pop) culture, art, fashion, sports, movies and people in general!

Besides being a freelance illustrator, I teach a screenprinting course at the TU of Delft and since 2011, I've been part of Rotterdam-based art collective Kamp Horst.

I am always interested in cool projects, commissions or collaborations, feel free to send me a message!


picture: Anita Sharma

picture: Anita Sharma